Sunday, November 27, 2005

What Is A Virus?

Briefly; there are three different types of programs that are commonly called a virus:
A true "Virus" is a program that attempts cripple your computer by "infecting" key files and spreading itself on to others. It might change critical files or performing unwanted functions like erasing your hard drive. NATAS (Satan backwards) is a particularly nasty virus.
A Trojan horse will leave your computer accessible for other people to use (a common Trojan horse is Back Orifice). Once a Trojan horse is installed they may "bounce" through your machine as a way to cover their tracks and do other damage. A Trojan horse commonly gives access to all the information stored on your hard drive, so they can read what you have, or use you as their storage server.
A Worm will travel from system to system and gather information and send it on, also doing collateral damage along the way. The recent ILOVEYOU scare was basically a worm.


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